The Rancho Altamira was founded by Don Lazaro Quintanilla González and started in the Charolais breed in 1967 with the purchase of 15 heifers from the state of Coahuila, Mexico which is livestock of Don Maximum Mackelis and Don Juan Romero cattle and American lines Billy Thomas , Wes Martin and m6.

At first, lines like Theodoro , Hanibal , Excellent , Domino and Ecrin were used. Later on, we began to use new variety of bull semen as Daf , Ficus , Exeden , Icare , Joyau Del, Fandango , Jackemart , Major, Rodin and Nevers . Recently , semen was imported from France , for example, bulls of  Victorieux, Black Out, Seigneur , T Unisson , Gentelman , Artiste and Picador , in turn has allowed us to move progressively in the genetics of our cattle.

Furthermore, Rancho Altamira makes a rigorous selection of cattle taking into account maternal skills , fertility , feed conversion, calving ease, muscle development , shaping and precocity. Consequently, it has enabled us to contribute to our livestock genetic improvement of the breed itself.

Now, the terrain of Rancho Altamira, located in  General Bravo,Nuevo Leon , is a semi-desert area type A area. Also, it has a herd free of tuberculosis, brucellosis, and tick area , so our cattle are easily adaptable .

Currently , the Rancho Altamira produces best female embryos using real stallions that allow us to further our primary purpose of keeping one of the best herds in Mexico.